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    Frankfurt, a top-class metropolis


    As the largest city in Hesse, Mainhattan is known for its incredibly impressive skyline. The city alone has more than 690,000 people who have chosen to live and work here. The conurbation area has a total of more than 2.2 million inhabitants and the entire metropolitan Rhine-Main region has reached the 5.5 million limit. The Hotel Klein as Hotel Frankfurt can be found where so many people live and an impressive urban structure as well as attractive scenery exist. You can choose between the different price ranges and also choose a location that is either very centrally located or a bit far off. You thus always have the option of finding a Hotel Frankfurt which suits your needs.


    The emergence of the city and its current use


    Frankfurt has been seen as the centre of Germany since the Middle Ages. The first documented mention of the city was 794 and since then on, she has been referred to as a Free Imperial City. It became a Free City in 1816 and a city state in 1866. The population increased rapidly every year. With a population size of hardly 100, 000 in 1875, the figure had already reached more than half a million by 1928. Today, Frankfurt is seen as the financial centre at international level. Here, you will find exhibition centres, industrial centres and service centres. It is a cosmopolitan city where the European Central Bank has its sear. Other institutions such as the German Bank and Commerzbank have established residence here. Frankfurt is incredibly centrally located and is therefore an important transport hub in Europe. The airport, the main train station and the 'Frankfurter Kreuz' fully combine air, rail and the road traffic.

    If you are looking for a Hotel Frankfurt , you will not be long on the road. The respective hotels, like the Hotel Klein are offered at all strategic points. At times of high-level fairs, however, early booking is essential, because pretty much all of the available rooms that are usually available are fully booked. Popular destinations around the Hotel Klein

    Frankfurt is also a centre of attraction for business travellers and visitors. Tourism is thriving and all nations can be found here. Frankfurt can count more than 2.2 million visitors in just one year. You will therefore not want to miss out on the many attractions. These can often be reached from a Hotel Frankfurt or from the Hotel Klein on foot. You can also reach certain areas by car or use the known transport means and get a look of the city from a different perspective while on the way. The lovely Old City with its famous stumbling blocks, the Main river valley with its Main bridges and the skyscrapers, the cherries and the railway station district is also available for selection.